Monday, December 26, 2005

Discover the hidden meaning in Richard's name

Powerful ruler : German
Powerful, brave : English

Gentle, affectionate and tolerant you are nonetheless determined and ambitious with the ability to lead. Sympathetic and understanding you are a humanitarian who wishes to improve the lives of others less fortunate. You have a keen intellect, strong intuition and creative ideas which are always put to practical purpose. You are loved by others for your inspiring optimism and for being a genuine friend.

Stable, honest and steadfast you are an industrious worker and believe in creating tangible results. You have a practical and traditional approach to life and understand the need for secure foundations. With your patience, good judgement and sound reason you are an excellent organiser and would do well in the fields of law, government or finance. You are a person who is really in touch with the earth and therefore enjoy its material and sensual pleasures.

Versatile, intelligent and artistically talented. You love to enjoy yourself and tend to experience a happy domestic life and material success. You have a methodical and thorough mind and are able to organise large projects easily. Charming and likeable and with more than your share of sex appeal you tend to find yourself in the spotlight and much admired by others. Life is more fun with you around.

You are a visionary with courage and enthusiasm if a little hasty at times. Your ambitious nature can be satisfied when you apply wisdom, patience and self-discipline to your vitality and zest. You have wonderful way with words and may be drawn to the communications arena where there is the potential for great success. Your generous and warm nature attracts many friends and loved ones.


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