Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Exclusive: Abs-olutely mad for it!

It’s been a while since we injected some more male blood into the Resort, and we felt the ladies could do with some more since your recent voting capers left a Leo-shaped hole on the Island.
So who better to fill the void than 90s boy band hunk from Hackney, Abs?!

Yes, he’s here, he’s a wee bit jet-lagged, but he’s raring to go, and was chuffed to bits to hear about ‘The Lion’s’ shock departure.
Why? Well, because bootilicious Bianca’s on the market again of course!
“I don’t think they were that real to be honest with you,” Abs sighed, before revealing to us that he’ll be making a B-line for the Leo’s woman when he gets into the Resort.
“I’m going to go in there and put out some vibes and see the reactions, but watch the eyes.”
Ooh a bit of shameless scandal is afoot we feel, and he won’t be giving up should B go all loyal to Leo on him.

“I like the chase,” Abs grinned. “I don’t like it when they’re so easy. I like the games that go along with flirting. “I attract women that are hard work, that are hard to keep and hard to look after.” Erm, we’ve got just the thing in there should Bianca prove tricky…!
But Abs and Sophie (whoops, did we mention names?!) have met before, when the sexy model starred in one of his music videos.

But is there anyone else who has caught the man’s eye? A play with our kitten Colleen, perhaps?
“Well, you blatantly would,” he sighed, the cheeky glint in his eye almost blinding us on the spot! “She could be an interesting night.”

So it’s good luck to Abs when he makes his first appearance on our screens tonight, and we’ll be there to give him a high FIVE whenever he emerges (sorry…)!

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