Sunday, May 27, 2007

Make A Stand For The Fans!

Five fan get united!
Together if we all do our part we can send a message out to the media, Five and the record companies that we mean business when we say we want Five to continue on as a group.
If we all put our voices together we can be heard. Make a mark as a Five fan and join us as we join together to send out our message of support for Five.

The Plan
On the 1st June we want ALL Five fans to send out a message to the following media emails. This is all to be done on the same day [1st June] so as they are inundated with letters of support for Five.

The Messages
The messages of support Fans are to send are of the "feelings on their return, the split on 19th May and [MOST of ALL] our hopes that Five and the record companies will consider a comeback for fans.

The Addresses
Please send your emails to the following addies on the 1st June (NOT before or after this date).

News Desk:

Zoe Griffin:

Beth Hardie:

Bizarre Section:

Text: Biz (space then message) and send to 61008
Showbiz team: Gordon Smart, Danielle Lawler & Pete Samson
Online Showbiz team: Simon Rothstein & Beci Wood

The Goal
To show them 10 years of support is worth more than 7 months of hope!

We can make a big noise if we all get together and do this. Post this message anywhere you can and get everyone you know to do it! let's show Five we're here and we're not going anywhere! Let's get the media and the record companies to hear our voices!!



At Sunday, July 15, 2012 12:35:00 AM, Blogger כרמי ואפי חגולי said...

Hi Dani! loved ur work with this forum and would like to invite you to help us get the boys back ;) please join us on Facebook or fowllow me & te boys on Twitter for Trends at @HoneyHaguli @RagztoRichez @abzlove @SeanConlonMusic @Scottrobinson55 Thanks for all the Support in 5ive xoxo


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