Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why Kielty's in for a 5ive-star kicking

Boyband star Abs has threatened to "slam dunk da punk" Patrick Kielty - for saying he had a "fake" Jamaican accent.

The 27-year-old 5ive singer warned he will "kick Kielty's head in" if they ever meet again.

Abs from Hackney, east London, says he has suffered a barrage of abuse since the Irish TV host accused him of adopting a Jamaican accent during his appearance on Love Island.

"I have had no end of grief since Love Island," he told the Daily Star Sunday.

"I'm going to kick Kielty's head in if I ever seen him again after that bullshit he came out with. I've always spoken like this. I'm from Hackney. It's multicultural. I'm not pretending to be anyone I'm not. I'm not a Rasta and I don't pretend to be. My mum would have had words if I started talking funny I ain't changed. I is me. I keep it real. I get so much greif when I go out now. Every time I go to a club I nearly get into fights with blokes and girls. They start on me, making out I'm fake. I'm sick of it."

Five years after 5ive split, Abs whose real name is Richard Breen and former bandmates J Brown, 30, Ritchies Neville 27, and Scott Robinson 26, last week announced they are back together.

The lads enjoyed a string of hits including Slam Dunk Da Funk and Keep on Movin' during their first spell in the charts. Now after being signed by Shania Twain's former manager, the band - minus original member Sean Conlon - are looking for a new label. And they have already penned a string of tunes with Robbie Williams former songwriter Guy Chambers.

Ritchie said "We're not a boyband any more. We're all men and our sound will be totally different. We're not going to be jumping around the stange in matching jumpers doing some choreographed routine. But we're also not going to be sitting on stools singing ballads like Westlife. We've put all our musical influences together - think more Linkin Park and Beastie Boys. Sadly, Sean's not joining us so there's only for of us. But I hear Russel Bran auditioned when we got together all those years ago. If he's still interested we'd love to have him on board. Russel, give us a call!"

Source: Daily Star
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So good they are back together!!! Can't wait to hear their next single!

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