Monday, August 07, 2006

Abs has left the Island

He is probably back home in London right now. Altho I said before I didn't would like to see him on the show, I enjoyed every second of it. It was great to see him again. I truelly missed him. He was supposed to be on for a week, but I guess with a week they mean 5 working days.

Abs was absolutely a blessing on the show and I think everyone will agree with me. He said the first day that he is concentrating on his dj career, so I guess we won't see him bringing out any songs and cd's any time soon. I love the following quote from him: "Life's too short to worry about how you’re going to be remembered. Just live it and enjoy it and remember what you know and do what you have to do and get on with it." That's what Abs currently is doing and I can't blame him.

For everyone who has been laying under a rock these last couple of days and want some videos and pictures:
» For videos check out and Five Download Site
» For pictures check out and Five Fan Site

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