Friday, August 04, 2006

Abs cools Paul down

Paul was clearly upset by the row that he had with Lee and sat alone on the beach trying to clear his head. Abs tried to calm him down.

Paul said ‘I said Lee they're calling you and Lee goes how many times and I go like eight times sarcastically and he called me a little c**t. He shouldn’t be like that man cos he is going to get it. I think it is more like last night. I said to him he has to be careful with that. When Dennis was here me and Lee had a row cos I was like don't mess with a six foot bloke. Dennis has got five kids and he has got this little shrimpy bloke saying I don't like the way you’re talking about my woman and Dennis is like don't even talk to me just go away. A crazy mother fucker named Lee from Leeds. He talks like all soft and lovey and he can't get away with that. Calling me a little c**t. Stop it now.’

Abs said ‘He’s fragile. He’s out of his depth. Don’t stress. He’s not worth it. He’s got a mouth on him. He's got front. I think it’s because he’s intimidated because I’m here.’

Later in the Beach Hut Paul explained ‘I said Lee they are calling you for your mic and he goes how many times have they called me, and I go eight sarcastically and he calls me a little c**t and going on and on and on but I walked away but I said to him if it happens again. That’s Lee in the mornings for you. Not when they repeat it in my face. I'm meant to be your friend. I'm not going to go there it's not me anymore.’




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