Thursday, August 03, 2006

Love Island - News, videos and pictures

When your having a Five or Abs fansite you didn't had much to do for years, but now Abs joined Love Island, pictures, videos and news are everywhere. Not complaining here. I love to see even more.

Two video clips have been posted on
Angelz site. Please go visit and download them, they are wicked! Abs looks stunning, really sweet and his accent is a killer. Me likes. The first clip is the date with Colleen and the second is the confessional.

I've got a few pictures that you might not have seen yet. For other pictures you can visit or the Abs msg board.

There is also a clip of Abs on the ITV - Love Island site called Abs Fab

Lastly, check out
the forum on the ITV site with news and gossip.

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