Thursday, August 03, 2006

Exclusive: In a Leeague of his own?

When Lee from Leeds forced down more cupcakes and Ot dogs (see what we did there?) than the comparatively colossal Chris in today’s Daily Decider, you’d forgive him for being gutted when Colleen then whizzed off on a date with another man. But if only he knew what the man in question thinks about this so-called competition! “I think to be honest Lee’s out of his league,” Abs told us recently, under no uncertain terms! So, does that mean that he’ll be the one for the job of putting Lee straight about Colleen’s true intentions at last?

“Of course I’m going to tell him!” he cries. “You have to! You can’t let a guy be that delusional. “She’s a Playboy bunny! Playboy! And he’s like…Lee!” Ooh, do we detect a bit of harsh reality coming lil’ Lee’s way? “I’m going to be honest but in a nice way,” Abs insists. “I’m not going to hurt people’s feelings.” Tune in to ITV1 at 10.00pm tonight to watch Abs sweep our kitten clean off her feet!

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