Friday, August 04, 2006

Colleen denies playing Lee

Colleen spoke about Lee in the Beach Hut and said that she wanted their relationship to evolve ‘organically’.

‘Lee and I, every day we get a little bit closer. I’m into Lee but I need a moment to step back. We have a lot of conversation and a lot of laughs. I would personally like things to be organic with Lee and I. Take our time and ease into something. A little time to relax and not to jump into anything. He’ll try to hold my hand and I tell him I think it’s best if we chill.’

‘I think Lee is precious but I just need a little bit of time. I don’t want to look like the sort of girl who’s jumping from one guy to another. I feel like I should chill out for a bit.’

‘I want our relationship to grow but not starting out with hand holding. I want to be closer with him but not in a physical way. It’s not a way of letting someone down gently, I just want to take my time.’

‘Everyone here has an opinion. I’ve told then I’m confused right now and I wish everyone would just let things chill. Everything’s a drama here.’

‘She also spoke about going on the Daytrip and meeting Abs. ‘I felt guilty for going on the daytrip. I went with his blessing but I did feel quite guilty.’ I think that Lee missed me a little and I did miss Lee today.’

She spoke about meeting Abs. ‘He’s also a DJ. We had a lot to talk about. He’s very cool, a bit edgy, sounded a bit reggae with an English accent. We’ve got a lot in common. The DJ thing is something we could talk about for hours. He looked a bit edgy, he’s a very handsome guy, very cute. It’s a shame he’s only staying for a week.’




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