Friday, August 04, 2006

Love Island Abs a new man for the girls

The girls are on the look out for fresh blood.enter this week’s House Guest, Abs.

"I was in a band called five and tended to be quite mischievous - if there was a situation I was pretty much at the centre of it so Love Island best get ready" he explains.

"I wouldn't say I'm a trouble maker, more that I tend to attract trouble. I'll be in a situation eg a girl could be walking by with her boyfriend and she'll be like "Hey that's Abs!" and then the boyfriend will get a bit ticked off and then me and him will start scoffing so it’s kinda along them lines. If there's trouble around it's probably my fault - and I get blamed for it even if it isn't. Like my block, where I live, all my neighbours hate me and if anything goes wrong with my block, it's my fault generally.

"If I was to place a lonely hearts advert it would probably sound something like: "Genuine male, outgoing, slightly suicidal in the mornings for about half an hour, sometimes sensitive, would like to meet a moving girl - in every way - looks, shape, and brain.

"My ideal date would be a girl that's from like the street, like the ghetto part, so you appreciate the finer things.. Like I'm in Fiji on Love Island so I appreciate it and I would like to meet a girl that feels the same way and knows that it's a struggle.

"To impress my date I would show her my collection of vinyl and play her a few classic tracks to set the tone, like "Have you heard this one?" It could be a Bob Marley track, light some incense and we'd probably get lost after that one song.

"I wouldn't sing to the girl, I think that's cheesy and unnecessary and you look like an idiot. Why would you sing to a girl when you've got CD's that have been mixed properly in a full on recording studio that have been designed for that purpose and you're going to be sitting there with a guitar whining out of tune…’ah sorry let me do it again’ etc. Forget all that.

"Life's too short to worry about how you’re going to be remembered. Just live it and enjoy it and remember what you know and do what you have to do and get on with it.




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