Friday, August 04, 2006

Is Abs the new man for Bianca?

On their return she coyly talked to Paul about her feelings for Abs. `He said he knows Scorpios and that they are good in bed, he asked me the other night what star sign I was and when I told him he went oooh!’
Paul agreed there was a connection. Abs then asked Kelle to go out to sea on a pedalo with him. With his arm around Bianca he said he wanted to get people `out of the zone’ and tells Bianca he is loving the flowers around her neck

As he left, Bianca told Abs not to forget her and he said: `I am doing this for Kelle’. And Paul said `he is here to bring love to the house.’

Once he was out of earshot, Bianca said she had loved having the picnic, `we had a good chat, he’s genuine, a lovely bloke, I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth. I was having good time, it took my mind away, I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.’

On the picnic, Abs and Bianca talked about star signs and he told her that the moles on her back are the shape of Orion’s Belt and that she had been sent from Venus. `I don’t know what it means, I was like how did you see my back close up?’

`I thought that was cool, I might get Colleen to check it out, she will know she is into that, he asked if I looked at the stars and I said all the time.’

Later Bianca and Abs flirt as she told him she was amazed what he said about her back. `How did you notice that on my back,’ she asked `I was really impressed. As he pointed out on a table where the stars are aligned she admired his tattoo on his arm which is a dreamer. `That’s what I am,’ she said. `I want one on the back of my neck.’

Over dinner Abs said: `I like Bianca’s style, she's a hip hop chick, she knows her shit man, that’s deep bro.’

Or A New Man For Kelle?
Kelle shrieked in excitement when Abs told her they were going out. He asked her about the Resort and she said ‘There’s a lot of politics going on. If I opened my mouth a can of worms would come out. I’m very open. This is the first week Chris picked me and picked me for aesthetic reasons which no one’s done before.’
Abs pushed her to tell him who she liked in the Resort and Kelle said ‘There’s no one that’s unavailable. There’s so much competition.’ But when pushed she said that it would be either Chris or Abs himself as she felt that she didn’t know him.

Kelle ended the trip by jumping out of the pedalo and flipping the boat over - leaving an unhappy Abs with wet shorts!




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