Friday, August 04, 2006

ABSolute babe magnet

ABS certainly seems to be a hit with at least two of the Love Island ladies.

The ex-5IVE charmer has vowed to pull Bianca and the feeling could be mutual even though she has been moping about ex-lover boy Leo who was evicted earlier this week.

Scorpio Bianca, speaking of her feelings for Abs, said: “He said he knows Scorpios and that they are good in bed.

“He asked me what star sign I was and when I told him he went: ‘Oooh!’.”

Bianca added that she really enjoyed a picnic with Abs. She explained: “He’s a genuine, lovely bloke. I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth. I was having a good time, it took my mind away.

“I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.”

Silver-tongued Abs also impressed Bianca by telling her that the moles on her back are the shape of the star formation Orion’s Belt and she must come from Venus.

In return, she admired a tattoo on his arm and said: “I want one on the back of my neck.”

However, Bianca could have a rival for Abs’ affections as Kelle told him on their boat trip that the only guys she likes on Love Island are him and Chris.

Source: The Sun



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