Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Evans, no! Lee's axed.

We had our suspicions it wouldn't be perfect harmony for the group formed by MTV's reality show Totally Boyband.

Ex-Steps singer Lee Latchford Evans has been fired because the rest of the band ganged up, saying they don't like him.

We hear the manband - Dane Bowers, 26, New Kids On The Block's Danny Wood, 37, S Club's Bradley McIntosh, 25, and 911 singer Jimmy Constable, 34 - felt Lee had a bad attitude.

We're told: "Lee was shocked. He had no idea they hated him." If they need a replacement, Abs from 5ive might have some time on his hands after Love Island...



Thursday, August 10, 2006

The mystery of the moon and star tattoo

As you may have noticed while watching Abs on Love Island, his moon and star tattoo has changed. He probably didn't liked it anymore or maybe there is some other reason for him changing the tattoo. RitaGS (moderator and webmaster from the official site) said that he tried to make it something else, like a yin yang but ended up covering it over instead. Right now it's a full circle.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Abs has left the Island

He is probably back home in London right now. Altho I said before I didn't would like to see him on the show, I enjoyed every second of it. It was great to see him again. I truelly missed him. He was supposed to be on for a week, but I guess with a week they mean 5 working days.

Abs was absolutely a blessing on the show and I think everyone will agree with me. He said the first day that he is concentrating on his dj career, so I guess we won't see him bringing out any songs and cd's any time soon. I love the following quote from him: "Life's too short to worry about how you’re going to be remembered. Just live it and enjoy it and remember what you know and do what you have to do and get on with it." That's what Abs currently is doing and I can't blame him.

For everyone who has been laying under a rock these last couple of days and want some videos and pictures:
» For videos check out and Five Download Site
» For pictures check out and Five Fan Site

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Exclusive: Abs blabs

He came, he saw, we all must understood all of what he was saying. But what did Abs make of his time on Love Island? We caught up with him for an exclusive chat.

How are you feeling?
Beautiful. I’m feeling very beautiful. Refreshed, feeling like it was a perfect amount of time. I was kind of nice because I was in and then I was out and I stayed out of all the drama when it was going on.

The eviction didn’t matter to me so I’m feeling very nice and met some beautiful people in there as well.

Did you feel like you achieved what you needed to do in there on the cupid front?
Kind of but I kind of failed miserably! By the second or third day it was not going to happen, I’m not here to do that. The girls were harder than the boys to get gossip out of. Apart from Sophie. Sophie was just honest and made it easier.

You went on lots of dates, what did you and Bianca talk about on the beach?
We went down to the beach and it was all set up with the bucket with the wine sticking out of it and the first thing I did was spill the drinks everywhere!

Were you nervous?
No, just stoopid! I’m clumsy like that. But she was a really cool chick. I was like, ‘What’s going on with you and Leo?’ She was very like, ‘We’re just very good friends, he was the person in here I could talk to.’ I mentioned that she had the constellation of Orion on her back, which no one had ever told her before!

We had a nice chat about what she thought about people on the Island, and how she was coping.

How was your lunch with Sophie? Did she tell you about her game plan?
I found out Sophie’s game plan last night when I was sitting with her. On the boat trip first of all, she was very honest and truthful and open about how she feels from the start. Because she knew me from the past she felt like she could talk to me.

What did she talk to you about?
Just everything. I asked her about how she felt about people on the Island, who she was feeling, obviously the whole Shane thing, and just last night I was talking to her when she got back from her trip with Paul.

I was like, ‘Listen man, maybe you just need to flip the record a little bit and start from the top.’ That’s been done, just move forward and look forward to your time here and do something else. It’s been four weeks. She was like, ‘I kind of see what you’re saying.’

What’s ‘been done?’
The Shane thing. Her thinking about him all the time and talking about him all the time and obsessing about him all the time! It’s like, do something else man, change the record. She was like, ‘you know what, I do like Chris’s hair!’ She was like, ‘That’s what it was like when I first met him.’

So I went up to Chris and was like, ‘Yo bro, I’m leaving tonight, but just so you know…!’ He was feeling her as well so potentially something could happen this week!

Did you fancy anyone in there?
Initially Bianca’s whole vibe…I was like, hmm, not too bad. And Colleen obviously, they both know how to rock a bikini. But then for like two, three days I held the door for Bianca and she didn’t say thanks and that just put me off straight away.

It’s like, whatever, it’s just a personal thing, that’s just the way she is and I’m very considerate like that.

Colleen, there were just a few moments when eyes were being thrown across the table, and certain things were happening. My spot at the table was always bottom right for some reason, and then last night, for the first time, she sat right there, and was complimenting me on my braiding and had these big black boots that she was rocking. She wore them for me the day I left and she gave me a cap. I was like, sweet. The whole DJ thing we were chatting about.

Have you made plans to meet up with her?
No, mainly just the boys man. I’m going to hook up with Chris and Paul and Brendan’s going to tag along. Once he’s had a couple of whiskies and a cigar he’s cool man!

Just how cringy was it in the Secret Suite when Lee heard Colleen talking about him?
I loved it! I was loving it! Every single moment from top to bottom! I felt really bad because I just whooshed in there and took all the girls out. It was champagne and wine. I was thinking maybe we could have a lads night.

So they set up the roulette table and there were 36 questions, who do you fancy, whose brains with whose body, who would you take home to your mum and all that sort of thing.

Lee was really funny because every question was like, ‘Who would you take home to your mum?’ He was like Colleen. Colleen. Colleen…etc

And then they showed that! (clip of Colleen). It all came out and he just wanted to get out of there and go talk to her. He broke down and started crying. I was like, ‘You know there’s cameras on you, is he playing it a little bit?’ I was like, ‘You’re sad man, it’s been four weeks.’

Do you think he’s been playing it?
I think so, he’s an actor, it’s what he does best. It’s like when you go out with a girl and she can drop the tears just like that. Even though he reacted over the top, it did make me think maybe he had some genuine feelings. And he has put a lot of effort in. He doesn’t know LA girls.

What about when he started arguing with her later?
That was a bit deep because he started raising his voice and shouting at her. She’s a girl man, that’s going to scare a girl. I was like, ‘Don’t be shouting at the girl!’ And then Brendan gets up and he has a go at Bianca…It’s just like, chill out man. He’s throwing mics and breaking shit. It’s like chill out man.

They woke up that night and had a little chat and the next day everything seemed fine. There are other people on the Island you have to take into consideration. And they’re bored of that. People were trying to tell him. It’s good it happened the way it happened.

Do you think Colleen was leading him on?
She could have said to him, first or second day, ‘You’re not my type. There’s no feelings whatever.’ She’s probably keeping herself safe and on the resort. She seemed cool to me. I’ve not got any hang ups about her.

Do you think you’d be in there with her if you’d stayed in?
Honestly yeah. Blatantly.

What about Lee?
He was like, ‘Obviously it’s not going to happen between us so if you want to make the move then I couldn’t be happier.’

What was your favourite memory?
One of them, the task we had to do across the pool when we had to build a bridge. My team was like SAS, it was only for tiramisu but that’s not the point!

Also me and Chris chatting in our own little language between ourselves. We sound retarded when we talk in it but is was funny.

Source: ITV - Official Site


Exclusive: Abs' Jibber-Jabber

He came into the resort promising to play Cupid, and by his own admission “failed miserably”. But Abs certainly made an impression on our lovelorn celebrities. And there was one girl in particular who made an impression on him!

“Colleen,” Abs blabbed, as we caught up with him after he left. “There were just a few moments when eyes were being thrown across the table, and certain things were happening.

“My spot at the table was always bottom right for some reason, and then last night, for the first time, she sat right there, and was complimenting me on my braiding and had these big black boots and she was rocking.

“She wore them for me the day I left and she gave me a cap. I was like, sweet.”

But will the rampant rapper be meeting up with the ditzy DJ to make sweet music? Possibly not. But there is one girl who Abs will be in touch with – his old pal Sophie.

“Because she knew me from the past she felt like she could talk to me,” Abs gabbed. “I found out Sophie’s game plan last night when I was sitting with her.”

But while Abs wouldn’t reveal what that game plan was, he was happy to give sage advice to the mouthy model.

“I asked her about how she felt about people on the Island, who she was feeling, obviously the whole Shane thing.

“I was like, ‘Listen man, maybe you just need to flip the record a little bit and start from the top.’ Just move forward and look forward do something else man, change the record.

“She was like, ‘you know what, I do like Chris’s hair!’ She was like, ‘That’s what it was like when I first met him.’”
Interesting! Maybe our Abs isn’t as useless a cupid as he might think.

Source: ITV - Official Site


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Love Island avaters

I can't get into my avater page account, so I'll post my new Love Island avaters here.

Avater #1 - Mr. Abs breen
Avater #2 - Mr. Abs breen
Avater #3 - Love the hair Abs
Avater #4 - Give me 2 seconds
Avater #5 - Give me a hug
Avater #6 - There's love in the air
Avater #7 - It's really nice
Avater #8 - That's how it works

Right click and save the avater you would like to use to your computer. Please don't hotlink.

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More rows set for the Love Island

IT looks like there'll be more rows on ITV1's Love Island when the celebs learn 5ive singer ABS will get £50,000 for a week on the show while they get no more than that for the whole six week run.

Source: Sunday People


Island nutter is utterly Abs-urd

Yo Mon, listen up, know what I'm saying like..say a proper hi to da cool gangsta guy Abs. All da way from da mean streets of kingston........upon Thames.
If there is a more absurd white boy on the face of the planet I'd like to meet him. What kind of an airhead bases his whole life on Ali G? an Abs kind of Airhead.

but all of a sudden the rapping tosser from the legendary cool boyband 5ive is the latest "star" of ITV's horrifically unpopular un-love-d island. He's an industrial scale dickhead who needs to be urgently taken aside and told. "your real name is Richard and you are not BLACK" Abs won't save the Fjian fiasco from it's slow painful death. Nor did the really ugly seen better days tawdry twins they briefly parachuted in as the south seas disaster plumbed new depths

Source: Sunday Mirror


Friday, August 04, 2006

Life’s a beach

Having wined, dined and thoroughly dated pretty much every famous female in The Resort, the inevitable day would come when Abs would have to romance the fearsome Anderton.

“I don’t even want to man!” he groaned, after reading about two lines of the laminate.

But anyone’s heart would melt when they saw the look on that face as Sophie jumped for joy at the news.

So off they floated in the serene blue waters, and it wasn’t long before the topic of conversation had swung round to the predictable…Sophie!

“The whole Shane thing, he doesn’t know how I feel,” Me Me moaned. “Only the twins and Chris know how I really feel.

“He’s not into me. I’d love to jump on him!”

Crikey, nevermind fruit, someone feed the woman chocolate, for the love of God!

And whilst more Love Shack chat was probably suitably scintillating for a while, after an afternoon of Anderton, Abs wasn’t that smitten.

“I don’t find her attractive in that sense,” he said in the Beach Hut a bit later.

“She’s a lovely girl, but I don’t have that attraction.”

Alright, we heard you the first time!

Source: ITV - Official Site


VOTE: Which celebrity in The Resort has the best haircut?

Come on you guys, vote for Abs! Click here to vote.


Abs cools Paul down

Paul was clearly upset by the row that he had with Lee and sat alone on the beach trying to clear his head. Abs tried to calm him down.

Paul said ‘I said Lee they're calling you and Lee goes how many times and I go like eight times sarcastically and he called me a little c**t. He shouldn’t be like that man cos he is going to get it. I think it is more like last night. I said to him he has to be careful with that. When Dennis was here me and Lee had a row cos I was like don't mess with a six foot bloke. Dennis has got five kids and he has got this little shrimpy bloke saying I don't like the way you’re talking about my woman and Dennis is like don't even talk to me just go away. A crazy mother fucker named Lee from Leeds. He talks like all soft and lovey and he can't get away with that. Calling me a little c**t. Stop it now.’

Abs said ‘He’s fragile. He’s out of his depth. Don’t stress. He’s not worth it. He’s got a mouth on him. He's got front. I think it’s because he’s intimidated because I’m here.’

Later in the Beach Hut Paul explained ‘I said Lee they are calling you for your mic and he goes how many times have they called me, and I go eight sarcastically and he calls me a little c**t and going on and on and on but I walked away but I said to him if it happens again. That’s Lee in the mornings for you. Not when they repeat it in my face. I'm meant to be your friend. I'm not going to go there it's not me anymore.’



Is Abs the new man for Bianca?

On their return she coyly talked to Paul about her feelings for Abs. `He said he knows Scorpios and that they are good in bed, he asked me the other night what star sign I was and when I told him he went oooh!’
Paul agreed there was a connection. Abs then asked Kelle to go out to sea on a pedalo with him. With his arm around Bianca he said he wanted to get people `out of the zone’ and tells Bianca he is loving the flowers around her neck

As he left, Bianca told Abs not to forget her and he said: `I am doing this for Kelle’. And Paul said `he is here to bring love to the house.’

Once he was out of earshot, Bianca said she had loved having the picnic, `we had a good chat, he’s genuine, a lovely bloke, I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth. I was having good time, it took my mind away, I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.’

On the picnic, Abs and Bianca talked about star signs and he told her that the moles on her back are the shape of Orion’s Belt and that she had been sent from Venus. `I don’t know what it means, I was like how did you see my back close up?’

`I thought that was cool, I might get Colleen to check it out, she will know she is into that, he asked if I looked at the stars and I said all the time.’

Later Bianca and Abs flirt as she told him she was amazed what he said about her back. `How did you notice that on my back,’ she asked `I was really impressed. As he pointed out on a table where the stars are aligned she admired his tattoo on his arm which is a dreamer. `That’s what I am,’ she said. `I want one on the back of my neck.’

Over dinner Abs said: `I like Bianca’s style, she's a hip hop chick, she knows her shit man, that’s deep bro.’

Or A New Man For Kelle?
Kelle shrieked in excitement when Abs told her they were going out. He asked her about the Resort and she said ‘There’s a lot of politics going on. If I opened my mouth a can of worms would come out. I’m very open. This is the first week Chris picked me and picked me for aesthetic reasons which no one’s done before.’
Abs pushed her to tell him who she liked in the Resort and Kelle said ‘There’s no one that’s unavailable. There’s so much competition.’ But when pushed she said that it would be either Chris or Abs himself as she felt that she didn’t know him.

Kelle ended the trip by jumping out of the pedalo and flipping the boat over - leaving an unhappy Abs with wet shorts!



Sophie’s views on Abs

Sophie said: "I did his first music video but he is not my type. He's cool. I don't know where the Jamaican accent is coming from. I love Abs he is a gent. I played his girlfriend in the video. He is very talented and under-rated. Last time I saw him he was more bulked up, shaved head. I preferred that look actually. This one, he looks like he needs a good scrubbing."



ABSolute babe magnet

ABS certainly seems to be a hit with at least two of the Love Island ladies.

The ex-5IVE charmer has vowed to pull Bianca and the feeling could be mutual even though she has been moping about ex-lover boy Leo who was evicted earlier this week.

Scorpio Bianca, speaking of her feelings for Abs, said: “He said he knows Scorpios and that they are good in bed.

“He asked me what star sign I was and when I told him he went: ‘Oooh!’.”

Bianca added that she really enjoyed a picnic with Abs. She explained: “He’s a genuine, lovely bloke. I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth. I was having a good time, it took my mind away.

“I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.”

Silver-tongued Abs also impressed Bianca by telling her that the moles on her back are the shape of the star formation Orion’s Belt and she must come from Venus.

In return, she admired a tattoo on his arm and said: “I want one on the back of my neck.”

However, Bianca could have a rival for Abs’ affections as Kelle told him on their boat trip that the only guys she likes on Love Island are him and Chris.

Source: The Sun


It's fight night!

The day kicked off with dynamite Danan threatening to duff poor Lee when the youngster bravely called him a “little c**t”. Screaming hysterically during the early morning tiff, Paul spat: “I swear to god if you ever call me that again, I’m going to knock you out.”

A trip to the gym with Sophie continued the fireworks for last year’s loser, who later blamed the fallout, which left him screaming at the model, “You’re so spoilt it’s sick,” on his confused, but passionate, love for the feisty beauty. In the Beach Hut, he explained: “It’s because I fancy her. I’m a little boy who wants to be loved. She’s gorgeous. She’s lovely.” Obvious really.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As the day progressed stroppy Sophie broke with tradition and stopped talking about herself. Fearing lovesick Bianca has started “eating her feelings”, Sophie mused: “I’m worried about Bianca, she’s not looking after herself. She’s eating junk and putting on weight.” But it didn’t take long for ‘Me me’ to make an appearance in the conversation: “Maybe she’s pissed off with me because I’m eating loads and I never put on weight? She’s gorgeous but if she carries on putting on weight, she’s going to feel enormous.”

Despite Bianca’s allegedly ballooning behind, Abs struggled to resist the 19-year-old lovely during a romantic picnic for two. He drooled: “Bianca is luscious. She’s got those lips…”

Indeed, there was no shortage of flirting between the pair. Admiring the 19-year-old beauty’s mole-studded back he smooched: “The constellation of Orion’s Belt is on your back. Has no one ever told you that?” Then forcing groans from viewers across the land, he uttered the immortal pick-up line: “It must mean you’re from Venus.”

However, that wasn’t the end of the former Five star’s flirt-filled day. Later he took Kelle for a peddle boat punt, but quickly felt threatened as she gamely told him: “I’m available,” before climbing on top of him, rocking the boat, and plunging them both into the clear blue sea. Later in the Beach Hut he confessed: “I’m giving off the wrong vibes again.”

Trust me Abs, your communication skills are way ahead of Paul’s.

Source: ITV - Official Site


Abs’ first impressions = even he agrees Lee’s being played!

After starting his stint on Love Island by having a romantic blind date with Colleen, Abs’ went to the Beach Hut to give his first impressions.

"The day trip was amazing. I had no idea Colleen was going to turn up but the whole Lee thing is slightly confusing.

"I don’t know if she’s feeling or not but I kind of get the impression she’s not and Lee’s being led on a mad game so I think if I’m only here for a little period, I should be the man to tell him ‘Give it a miss’ because he’ll only end up hurting himself.

And it seemed he may have designs on the Playboy Bunny himself: "She’s very nice and she’s got the whole DJ thing which I find very appealing = there’s nothing I find more sexy than a female DJ because they’re rare.

"She seems like she knows her stuff, she’s not just all talk. She’s very pretty as well in the flesh. Any guy would, definitely, I’m sure."

"My mission is to play cupid and make some sparks and get love in the air and to find out who is feeling who and what they are about. I’ll make it nice for some and I’ll fuck it up for some" he added mischievously.



Colleen denies playing Lee

Colleen spoke about Lee in the Beach Hut and said that she wanted their relationship to evolve ‘organically’.

‘Lee and I, every day we get a little bit closer. I’m into Lee but I need a moment to step back. We have a lot of conversation and a lot of laughs. I would personally like things to be organic with Lee and I. Take our time and ease into something. A little time to relax and not to jump into anything. He’ll try to hold my hand and I tell him I think it’s best if we chill.’

‘I think Lee is precious but I just need a little bit of time. I don’t want to look like the sort of girl who’s jumping from one guy to another. I feel like I should chill out for a bit.’

‘I want our relationship to grow but not starting out with hand holding. I want to be closer with him but not in a physical way. It’s not a way of letting someone down gently, I just want to take my time.’

‘Everyone here has an opinion. I’ve told then I’m confused right now and I wish everyone would just let things chill. Everything’s a drama here.’

‘She also spoke about going on the Daytrip and meeting Abs. ‘I felt guilty for going on the daytrip. I went with his blessing but I did feel quite guilty.’ I think that Lee missed me a little and I did miss Lee today.’

She spoke about meeting Abs. ‘He’s also a DJ. We had a lot to talk about. He’s very cool, a bit edgy, sounded a bit reggae with an English accent. We’ve got a lot in common. The DJ thing is something we could talk about for hours. He looked a bit edgy, he’s a very handsome guy, very cute. It’s a shame he’s only staying for a week.’



Love Island Abs a new man for the girls

The girls are on the look out for fresh blood.enter this week’s House Guest, Abs.

"I was in a band called five and tended to be quite mischievous - if there was a situation I was pretty much at the centre of it so Love Island best get ready" he explains.

"I wouldn't say I'm a trouble maker, more that I tend to attract trouble. I'll be in a situation eg a girl could be walking by with her boyfriend and she'll be like "Hey that's Abs!" and then the boyfriend will get a bit ticked off and then me and him will start scoffing so it’s kinda along them lines. If there's trouble around it's probably my fault - and I get blamed for it even if it isn't. Like my block, where I live, all my neighbours hate me and if anything goes wrong with my block, it's my fault generally.

"If I was to place a lonely hearts advert it would probably sound something like: "Genuine male, outgoing, slightly suicidal in the mornings for about half an hour, sometimes sensitive, would like to meet a moving girl - in every way - looks, shape, and brain.

"My ideal date would be a girl that's from like the street, like the ghetto part, so you appreciate the finer things.. Like I'm in Fiji on Love Island so I appreciate it and I would like to meet a girl that feels the same way and knows that it's a struggle.

"To impress my date I would show her my collection of vinyl and play her a few classic tracks to set the tone, like "Have you heard this one?" It could be a Bob Marley track, light some incense and we'd probably get lost after that one song.

"I wouldn't sing to the girl, I think that's cheesy and unnecessary and you look like an idiot. Why would you sing to a girl when you've got CD's that have been mixed properly in a full on recording studio that have been designed for that purpose and you're going to be sitting there with a guitar whining out of tune…’ah sorry let me do it again’ etc. Forget all that.

"Life's too short to worry about how you’re going to be remembered. Just live it and enjoy it and remember what you know and do what you have to do and get on with it.



Thursday, August 03, 2006

Love Island avaters

Because of the whole Love Island Hype around Abs, I made a few avaters to use on message boards or other places you want to support Abs. They are all 80x80.

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Bianca's Abs workout

Goldfish have three second memories. So, it seems, does Bianca (well, a three day memory). Because no sooner has Leo stepped out of the resort than it looks like Lady B is keen on a bit of an Abs work out.

And he’s definitely not against the idea!

As the two singletons on the Island, we thought it was only right that we send them off on a date. To the jetty. For a picnic. But while the location may not have been the most romantic that Love Island has to offer, it didn’t stop them getting excited at the prospect.

“Bianca is luscious,” Abs blabbed as he readied himself for their encounter. “She’s got those lips. It’s going to be tough to resist.”

But resist Abs did.

Because no sooner had he returned from wooing the bumptious brunette than he whisked Kelle off on a pedalo, telling Bianca that he wanted to get people “out of the zone”.

And with time on her hands to ponder the man, Bianca was quick to sing his praises.
“He’s genuine, a lovely bloke, I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth,” Bianca babbled. “I was having good time, it took my mind away, I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.”

Needless to say, when Abs returned from his trip with Kelle, Bianca was quick to pounce on the man. But how far did she go? You’ll just have to tune in tonight to find out.

Source: ITV - Official Site


Love Island - News, videos and pictures

When your having a Five or Abs fansite you didn't had much to do for years, but now Abs joined Love Island, pictures, videos and news are everywhere. Not complaining here. I love to see even more.

Two video clips have been posted on
Angelz site. Please go visit and download them, they are wicked! Abs looks stunning, really sweet and his accent is a killer. Me likes. The first clip is the date with Colleen and the second is the confessional.

I've got a few pictures that you might not have seen yet. For other pictures you can visit or the Abs msg board.

There is also a clip of Abs on the ITV - Love Island site called Abs Fab

Lastly, check out
the forum on the ITV site with news and gossip.

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A high FIVE for Abs!

Just when the ladies of Love Island were starting to feel the need for a bit more boy action, we whipped out our Abs for them to run their hands over!

Ahem, in other words people, Abs is in the house, and his entrance has been a welcome surprise among the Resortees.

“I immediately thought of B,” Kelle admitted in the Beach Hut today. “Not in any romantic way, but just someone to hang out with and take her mind off Leo.

“Instantly they did get on. He’s been really cool.”

And Abs is not adverse to a bit of B himself, as we know from our chat from him before he hit the Resort.

“Bianca is a lovely girl,” he said politely today, before blushing and hastily moving onto the other celebs.

“Shane basically is a no-go. I’m not going to even try and sort something out with him.

“He’s got his own head in his own place and he’s settled. He’s not going to play any kind of love match games.”

But surely there’s potential for a bit of matchmaking in there? We can think of two twins who’d be game for a giggle.

“Eve and Brendan,” Abs admits. “Maybe me and Bianca are going to try and hook them up.”

But what about you Abs? We know you like B, but what about the other ladies on Love Island?

Is there a room for something cosy with our Kelle perhaps?

“Kelle is very beautiful,” Abs concedes. “Personally I like my girls a bit nastier but Kelle seems very nice.”

Fair enough love, keep up the good work!

Source: ITV - Official Site


Exclusive: In a Leeague of his own?

When Lee from Leeds forced down more cupcakes and Ot dogs (see what we did there?) than the comparatively colossal Chris in today’s Daily Decider, you’d forgive him for being gutted when Colleen then whizzed off on a date with another man. But if only he knew what the man in question thinks about this so-called competition! “I think to be honest Lee’s out of his league,” Abs told us recently, under no uncertain terms! So, does that mean that he’ll be the one for the job of putting Lee straight about Colleen’s true intentions at last?

“Of course I’m going to tell him!” he cries. “You have to! You can’t let a guy be that delusional. “She’s a Playboy bunny! Playboy! And he’s like…Lee!” Ooh, do we detect a bit of harsh reality coming lil’ Lee’s way? “I’m going to be honest but in a nice way,” Abs insists. “I’m not going to hurt people’s feelings.” Tune in to ITV1 at 10.00pm tonight to watch Abs sweep our kitten clean off her feet!

Source: ITV - Official site


Paradise lost for Lee?

LITTLE Lee Otway has been suffering a torrid time as doubts grow about whether romance will blossom with Colleen Shannon.

The Hollyoaks shrimp was gutted after winning an eating challenge only to see the Playboy centrefold go off for a romantic date with former 5ive singer Abs.

Colleen has denied leading Lee on. She said: “Every day we get closer, but I need a moment to step back. I would personally like things to be organic with Lee and I.

“I think he’s precious but we need a little time…”

Abs admitted to being attracted to the blonde babe and said: “The whole Lee thing is slightly confusing.

“I don’t know if she’s feeling it or not but I kind of get the impression she’s not and Lee’s being led on a mad game.

“So I think if I’m only here for a little period, I should be the man to tell him ‘give it a miss’ as he’ll only end up hurting himself.”

The ever helpful Paul Danan also gave his opinion and clearly upset Lee.

He told him: “I have a feeling that the whole nation is saying ‘Lee you’re being played’ and you don’t want to be played.”

A distressed Lee stormed off saying: “You don’t see us cuddling, why are you being so rotten?”

Later Lee admitted: “I must look a right c***; Paul is probably right.”

Source: The Sun


Lads bid to revive Five! reported last week the following in their newspaper:
BOYBAND 5IVE have hinted at a comeback. The guys - Scott, Jay, Abs, Rich and Sean - hit No.1 with Keep On Movin' before splitting in 2001. Rows between Scott and Jay were blamed but they met in London last week. Asked if they were working on songs they said: "You never know!"

Because of this, fans has made a petition to get Five back together. It's much more than a petiton, it's a way to show that the fans never forget Five and they'll always be here, waiting their return, with a new single and a new CD. You can sign the petition here.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Abs names his victim!

Despite telling friends he was only on Love Island to try and chat up Fearne Cotton, new arrival Abs has set his sights on resort singleton Bianca. The cheeky former 5ive star, who these days does a good impression of Ali G, thinks he's got a chance with Bianca after her new love Leo was voted off the show.

"Bianca's got my attention," he told the Daily Star, "and it's going to be lively." Abs - real name Richard Breen - will be on the island for seven saucy days, and is planning to make the most of them with Paul Gascoigne's daughter. "Watch her when I get in there. Watch her eyes." It's only three days since Bianca was left in tears after viewers voted off her "close friend" Leo. But Abs believes that he's just the man to heal her heart. Or at least take her mind off things with a snog. "I'm well pleased Leo's gone so that Bianca is free," he said. "I'm not worried about treading on his toes. I don't even know the guy."

The show plans to throw Abs in at the deep end by sending him on a romantic date with one of the girls, away from the rest of the group. Meanwhile, back in the UK, loser Leo has a warm welcome waiting for him from The Streets guru Mike Skinner.

The Streets front-man has been watching his buddy Leo on the show, and according to a friend is ready to make some jokes at Leo's expense: "Mike's going to rip it out of him, all of Leo's lovey-dovey stuff with Gazza's step-daughter has left him wide open to attack."

Source: Daily Star


Abs joins Love Island

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Love Island is preparing for an invasion by yet another celebrity hopeful – Abs from Five.
Abs plans to wow the ladies when he arrives on tonight’s show, but rumours abound that he’s only got eyes for presenter Fearne Cotton, despite the alluring ladies waiting for him in the resort. “He’s after Fearne and she’s the reason he decided to take part,” whispered a spy. Hmmm… we’re not sure how far he’s going to get there!

Meanwhile, we do know that Abs - real name Richard Breen (yes, we can scarce believe Abs isn’t his real name, either) - is good friends with “actor” Paul Danan. So we can expect plenty of horseplay and bids to impress the ladies. Well, with that winning combination of acting and singing ability, who could turn these talented lads down?



Exclusive: Abs-olutely mad for it!

It’s been a while since we injected some more male blood into the Resort, and we felt the ladies could do with some more since your recent voting capers left a Leo-shaped hole on the Island.
So who better to fill the void than 90s boy band hunk from Hackney, Abs?!

Yes, he’s here, he’s a wee bit jet-lagged, but he’s raring to go, and was chuffed to bits to hear about ‘The Lion’s’ shock departure.
Why? Well, because bootilicious Bianca’s on the market again of course!
“I don’t think they were that real to be honest with you,” Abs sighed, before revealing to us that he’ll be making a B-line for the Leo’s woman when he gets into the Resort.
“I’m going to go in there and put out some vibes and see the reactions, but watch the eyes.”
Ooh a bit of shameless scandal is afoot we feel, and he won’t be giving up should B go all loyal to Leo on him.

“I like the chase,” Abs grinned. “I don’t like it when they’re so easy. I like the games that go along with flirting. “I attract women that are hard work, that are hard to keep and hard to look after.” Erm, we’ve got just the thing in there should Bianca prove tricky…!
But Abs and Sophie (whoops, did we mention names?!) have met before, when the sexy model starred in one of his music videos.

But is there anyone else who has caught the man’s eye? A play with our kitten Colleen, perhaps?
“Well, you blatantly would,” he sighed, the cheeky glint in his eye almost blinding us on the spot! “She could be an interesting night.”

So it’s good luck to Abs when he makes his first appearance on our screens tonight, and we’ll be there to give him a high FIVE whenever he emerges (sorry…)!

Source: ITV - Official Site